Castle Systems

In the real estate world, it’s all about location. But within those locations, there are a multitude of interior layouts, which support those arrangements. Castle Systems, is a game made for tycoons to aim for growth, and to move away from despair. But the caveat remains simple. These castles are not new, so they can not ever be replaced. And the inquest to understand not just the buildings, but the people, rages on, for one reason. That the castles of yesterday, are the last remaining fortresses of history, which the purveyors of commerce have to hold on to. Be aware, as there are some beings, not known to humans, which also want these castles, in their possession. Castle Systems beckons its actors to access and seperate, all in the name of the next wondrous castle, and the estates, which the future governs. Not anything which the average tenant is familiar with, but a journey into the unknown, within the walls and towers, which help protect the citizens of tomorrow’s land.

Play Factors: Real Estate Financing, Development Organisation, Commerce Facilitation, Castle Learning, Culture Interacting and Actor Placing