Throughout competitive strategy, there is a winner and a loser. But with modern equilibrial foreseen scenarios above and beyond the forest, it is possible to achieve what most people encounter as being no winner and no loser. What that is, is, the winning and losing occurs after the match is set. So after any turns take place. And with no enunciated titling even after the time passes after the match is finished in due time. That means the participants may never know who won the match, until a Grand Match occurs. The Grand Match is the product of sometimes dozens, sometimes thousands, and in most occurrences, after millions and millions of interactions. This Grand Match has an instant computed Winner and Loser, which is known before the Grand Match takes place, and is made known to its competitors after the Grand Match completes. What is at stake during this singular non-compete, competition, is everything that was not found in equality, during all strategic decisions made by the individuals who could not see the entire forest, for the longest duration, and in most occurrences, single, or arrangements of trees, that did not represent the entire forest.

Play Factors: Pattern Matching, Geometric Macro and Micro Landscaping, Decision Making, Time Based Strategic Thinking, Erroneous and Correct Stress Relief and Meditative Action