No shape, or angle is that complicated to understand. But when curves are involved at the microscopic level, things become interesting. In Polygram, proving the formulas° of why and how the intersections are in agreement, is what the user opens, when they begin to play, each time. There is little to learn, because, like a baby, everything is proven, at an equilibrium, but as each serial turn in Polygram advances, some things are not as clear. And within each session, and the ends of each lifelong turn, the Polygram of the participant, is what they are connected with for the duration of those durations. The Polygram is almost like the cycle of life, and the events around this Polygram, makes the geometries of choice, the activity of purpose, for all actions within Polygram. As people interact with new shapes, some learn the secrets of life, and others expand their mind, not just with a Polygram, but with an absorption of nothing but new facts to relate the fictions of everyday choosing.

Play Factors: Geometric Lifecycles, Environmental Education and Formative° Creation